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Ark Survival Evolved PVP


Welcome IOCBS Gaming, we want to create a fun and enjoyable experience within social gaming that allows players to experience and feel like they are part of the Community. Players working together to improve game play, Players helping each other, and help improved themselves. We would like to make friends and hang out after a hard day’s work. If you don't harm our community then you are welcome here. We don't discriminate it’s all about having fun and enjoying the friendship. We re cluster with Ragnarok, Aberration, The Center and The Island. Max Lev 120, dino max lev150. Max level after ascending would 135. We will be adding the island map as well. All the map is PVP. We also looking at have PVE maps as well.

There will be NO Excesses Raiding as this is to be a Friendly and helpful server.

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Classic Flyers              EZ Tek

H.G. Stacking              Reusable Plus

Snappy Saddles          Structures Plus

Editable Server UI      Bore Water Kit

Eco's Terrariums        Eco's Tek Decor

Castles and Keeps     Ammo Pool (Fixed)


No upcoming events.

Rules for all Servers

PVP Rules and Guidelines


PVP Server rule: Respect the admins! If your rude expect no help from admin and can be grounds of temporary or prem banment.

1) PvP guidelines: While we do want trigger inducing PvP, allow players to at least build up Otherwise, you won't have people to raid in the first place.

2) Cheating, Hacking or using exploits to have an advantage of other players is not allowed.

3) Bases: Do not build bases in exploitive spots that cannot be touched except for by an admin. It will be destroyed.

4) No De-spawning Loot

5) Lost or missing Dino’s will not be replaced

6) No Griefing: any griefing will be left up to admin’s deciding if player is being grieved and admins decisions is final

7) There will be NO Turrets Allowed on Quetz

* Anything goes other than that.

Global Rules


As a general rule:

DO NOT misuse exploits and bugs.

NO excessive cursing

NO racism or hate speech in-game or in Discord.

No Pillar build on platform saddles

No armor on dinos that prevent dinos from being killed


Caging and Handcuffing

Caging and handcuffing players should be limited to 1 Hour of online time. 

If you cage someone while they are offline, they must be uncaged/uncuffed when you log off to prevent that player from logging in and be caged for hours until someone can log in to set them free. 

There will be NO Excesses Raiding as this is to be a Friendly and helpful server.



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